Legic IDConnect

Traditional 2D animation for the Westerners (www.goldenerwesten.net) and their swiss client Legic. It premiered at the security trade show »Sicherheit 2013« in Zurich.

SPD – »Für Bildungsgerechtigkeit!«

While election is over and the SPD didn’t perform as hoped, the info stop-motion movies are still of relevance. This week coalition talks continue and SPD party leaders do not tire to repeat that most parts of their pre-election goals apply to the policy they want to pursue in a possible coalition with the chancellor’s [...]

SPD – »Für gerechte Steuern & kontrollierte Märkte!«

VoilĂ , the third movie for the SPD. Although it’s the Green Party that was considering the introduction of a Veggie Day for cantines, vegetables became quite handy in explaining the social democratic ideas for a reformed German tax system and regulated financial markets.

SPD – »Sicherheit im Alter!«

The second spot for the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) went live today. It is all about retirement and pensions and it got some cute bunnies, kittens, rainbow horses, heavy machines and dinosaurs. (All part of my very own stamp collection now.)

SPD – »Arbeit ist mehr wert«

I’m currently producing a series of several info stop-motion shorts for the German Social Democratic Party (SPD). The first film got released yesterday and is titled »Arbeit ist mehr wert« (»Work is worth more«).

Pohlmann – StarWars

German Singer-songwriter Pohlmann (signed on Four Music/ Sony) asked me for a rather arty music video. This is what he got.


It’s been a bit calmer out here. Until this page get’s a fresh restart this autumn with loads of new projects and things I’d suggest you follow my updates on Twitter.


I recently started producing two videocasts. For those who wonder what the heck that might be: Videocasting is the process of filming and releasing a series of videos on the internet. – Just like TV without its limitations of time and format.

Commercial work

I did some old school [sic!] animations and title design for a documentary called »Meine Federtasche ist im Westen« (»My pencil case is in the west«) back in late 2009. It’s about a primary school role play on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall.


While working on an opening for a videocast I was playing around with audio spectrums and expressions. On the way I made these four tiny sketches. Neither of the approaches made it into the final piece, but I thought I might show them here anyways.

Razzle Dazzle menu

Rearranging my several backup harddrives I stumbled upon some folders that contained a portfolio DVD of mine which I made in 2007 mostly with the intention to help me getting enrolled at Central Saint Martins. The DVD fulfilled it’s purpose and got forgotten afterwards until now.

Daadada Exhibition in London

Daadada is the forthcoming exhibition of the 2008/09 art scholarship holders of the renowned German academic exchange programme DAAD. It combines art work from recent postgraduates of The Royal College of Art, Goldsmiths, Slade School of Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, The Bartlett and the University of Westminster.


Crash is the title of an interactive multimedia installation that focuses on the ground zero of the recent financial crisis – the desks of bankers, brokers and traders. The installation puts the user in the panoptic position of a stock trader, who experiences and influences a particular representation of reality on his monitors.

The panoptic view on moving images

At least since the blueprints of Jeremy Bentham it is known that the view (and it’s direction) is a representation of hierarchies as well. One who sees much rules much. In sociology this coherence had been widely explored, e.g., by Michel Foucault, yet the panoptic representation of moving images as an progressing process has far [...]

This life is not a movie, or maybe

The subject of my final project at Central Saint Martins is what I would call Screen Realities. Primarily it addresses the electronic screens that had been invented with television in the early 20s of the last century and that are dominating our perception of the world nowadays (through the tele, monitors, projections and mobile devices) [...]

DEFA trailer nominated for German Design Award

The trailer Buchstabenschubser produced last summer for the DEFA foundation is nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010 (Designpreis Deutschland). The 2 minutes long 35mm clip already won the 2nd Design Award 2008 of the Federal State of Brandenburg.

I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong!

The Vietnam War is remembered as the first war the United States lost and the trauma of the result for a nation. The conflict was different from previous ones in various ways. Some impacts on the western culture had been directly visible, monitored through the mass media. The ones on a subcultural level needed a [...]

Jewish Museum Berlin

3 by 17 meters projection surface, 5 projectors, 3 computers in a network and 34 interview clips in 4 different sizes. The installation that product designer and programmer Florian RĂĽhle and I produced for the Jewish Museum Berlin during the last two months can be seen at the prologue of the exhibition ‘Looting and Restitution’. [...]

This is the online portfolio for motion and design projects and related research of Nico Roicke. I'm a graduate of MA Communication Design, pathway Digital Media, at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Also I'm part of the motion design studios Sir ja sir and Buchstabenschubser.

Beside motion graphics (or motion design, if you prefer) I'm the co-founder of the fanzine and weblog Jackpot Baby! - New digital pop culture (all texts unfortunately in German language) and I write for Berlin's finest Webblog Spreeblick - Pop, Politics, Products & Positions (German again). Go and catch up some of my latest tweets on Twitter (English and German, it's really hard to tell) or take a glance at some of my Flickr pics and Vimeo vids.